Tribecar is a car sharing tech startup. Members of the service use their smartphone to gain access to Tribecar's rental cars that are parked at over 600+ convenient locations in Singapore. The service is accessible 24 by 7 with no minimum booking length.

This on-demand service starts from an amazing low price of just SGD 0.50 for cars, lorries and motorcycles.

The in-car hardware, backend and frontend software are all developed proudly in-house, in Singapore by fellow engineers!

We are rallying for developers/programmers/engineers/technicians to join our growing engineering rank! If you have interests in IT or Engineer or Electronics, ping us!

Benefits and Perks

Learning budget

How We Work

Tribecar is led by technical co-founders, an experienced board and bunch of passionate co-workers. We believe we have the perfect blend of technical brilliance, business savvy and hardworking fun. To a fellow engineer, this means you are given projects that are technically sound, have huge impact on consumers and you will do so with a good crew. You will be treasured for your work and you will be left alone so you can get some good work done!

Products built in Singapore

Tribecar and Drive.SG


We make mobility accessible to everyone. Through a mixture of clever business strategies and technical prowess, we will commoditize mobility (i.e. cheap and convenient) for everyone. We intend to change how individuals view and use cars, bikes and even buses!

Tech Stack

PHP, Symfony, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, NodeJS, React, Linux, Apache, Flutter, AWS RDS, GitHub, SVN