Salary Range Transparency
reduces gender pay gap
by up to 50%.

Help us make an impact on the lives of millions of people by convincing your employer to include salary ranges in their job listings.

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Did you try to convince your employer? How did it go? Share your story to help others!

Tell us how you asked your employer to publish their salary ranges. Who did you talk to? How did they react? Did it have any impact? Do you have any advice to share?


What is Salary Range Transparency?

Salary Range Transparency is the practice of publicizing compensation details. It's different from Salary Transparency, which goes one step further by sharing individual salaries. At JobWiz, we believe that Salary Transparency is not needed but Salary Range Transparency is.


Why is Salary Range Transparency needed?

In Europe, the gender pay gap is 14%. Salary Range Transparency would reduce the gap by up to 50%. Salary Range Transparency would also solve the “loyalty discount” problem, which is the fact that employees who work for the same company for a long time get paid less than new joiners at the same level.


Why should you ask your employer?

Knowing salary ranges will help you negotiate your next salary increase. For example, if your pay increase is 3% and the salary range is also increased by 3%, either your employer believes you didn't learn anything or your pay raise is too low. Public salary ranges increases the number of candidates by 75%.


How can you help?

Once you've asked your employer, you can share the result by filling the form and encourage your friends to do the same. We can learn from each other, find out the most effective ways to ask and eventually make every salary range public.

Countries/Regions where Salary Range Transparency is compulsory

US / New York (postponed) - moved to the 1st of November 2022
UK (pilot) - pilot started on the 8th of March 2022
US / Colorado - since the 1st of January 2021

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