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Redefining Job Search and
Hiring for Today

With our innovative solutions, JobWiz is built to empower job seekers and
employers who value transparency, fairness and efficiency in hiring.

For Job Seekers: Job Matching Platform

Smarter, personalized job search

Never miss an opportunity again. Get the latest, most relevant job recommendations curated for you. From pay ranges and benefits to company size and industry, name your preferences and we’ll find the perfect fit!

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For Employers: Job Portal

Unlock new possibilities with JobWiz

Tap into JobWiz’s network of active job seekers in Singapore through our platforms and an automatic integration with Google. Showcase job openings for free and explore features to amplify your hiring efforts.

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For Employers: Job Description Tool

Supercharge job ads for even better results

Craft engaging and accurate job descriptions to attract the right candidates while staying compliant with fair employment practices. Our AI tool simplifies your review process so you can put your best job ad forward, all within seconds.

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Fair Hiring & Transparency:
Our top priorities

At JobWiz, we believe in enabling job seekers and employers to make well-informed decisions. We’re committed to building a future where salary range transparency is the norm, fostering a fair and equitable job market. Join us in making a difference now.

Why Prepare For Change Now

New laws on non-discriminatory employment around the world

Organizations’ proactive stance on diversity, equity & inclusion

Employees take charge of career growth with open conversations

Job seekers’ changing motivations & expectations

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