To make salary ranges and company perks public.


By 2035, most job descriptions will include salary ranges and company perks.

Our Story

JobWiz was started by Cheryl and Tim, a married couple of software engineers, who want to help software engineers in Singapore find jobs with the perks they care about.

Three years ago, Cheryl was looking for a software engineer job in Singapore. She knew what she wanted. She wanted to work for a small tech startup making a positive impact, not too far from where she lives. She also cared about flexible hours, having the option to work from home, getting enough days off to travel regularly, and being paid at least as much as what she was currently earning. She thought that finding which companies offer what she was looking for would be easy.

She was wrong.

Most of the job portals have no way of filtering on any of the things she cares about and the job portals that have a few filters are not useful because most of their jobs don't contain the relevant information (e.g. location, salary) and are being filtered out.

Her next plan was to read each of the hundreds of relevant job descriptions but she quickly discovered that the job descriptions were not helpful. They were bulleted lists of responsibilities and requirements without any of the information that she was looking for. She then understood that for each of these hundreds of companies, she will have to spend a fair amount of time reading the career pages, Glassdoor reviews and asking friends and friends of friends about their experience.

Cheryl and Tim discussed about the problem. It was clear that it would take hundreds of hours to gather this data. They thought that "There must be others like us" and decided that instead of keeping this data private in a spreadsheet, they would put it on a public website. This is how JobWiz was born. JobWiz has grown and companies can now directly post their job ads.

We believe that company perks and salary bands should be public. We believe that finding companies that offer the perks you care about shouldn't be that hard. We believe that making salary bands public will reduce the gender pay gap. We believe that making perks public will help companies that care about their employees find the talents they're looking for. We believe it will bring fairness and transparency.

If your company needs help with featuring what is unique about your culture or you would like to discuss about making company perks and salary bands public, please contact us here.


March 2018

Cheryl and Tim start JobWiz to help Cheryl with her job search.

September 2018

Private launch

JobWiz is live with a bit more than 100 software engineer job postings. There are only 2 users: Cheryl and Tim.

January 2019

Public launch

Tim and Cheryl start sharing the website with their friends and friends of friends. JobWiz has more than 300 software engineer job postings.

10,000+ monthly page views

March 2019

It only took 3 months for the word to be spread and for JobWiz to reach 10,000 monthly page views! Most of JobWiz users are from Singapore.

First Award

May 2019

JobWiz wins the public's favorite website award (commercial) in May 2019 from Singapore Website Awards.

January 2020

Employers website

The Employers website is launched and companies who share their perks can directly post their job ads on JobWiz.

April 2020

Career Pages

JobWiz launches Career Pages, where companies can share about their unique culture and add pictures of their team, office and events.

November 2021

JobWiz starts a partnership with the Singapore FinTech Festival and builds a dedicated job portal.

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